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Merchants can charge back commission when the affilate mispresents the company. One of the mistakes many affiliate make is using the company name or a variation of the company name in their website address. This practice is used by affiliate to boost their credibility but is frowned upon by most merchants.

If you are promoting Dans Tires, using the web address would be misrepresenting yourself. It implies that the website is an official website owned by the tire company.

If you plan to buy a domain name that is closely related to a product or company you are promoting, get the merchants approval in writing prior to doing so to avoid any problems in the future.

Also, avoid text that might mislead visitors into thinking that your site is somehow owned or operated by the merchant. For example, "Official Site for Dans Tires" would be misleading.  

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Fraud has become a major concern for both affiliate companies and merchants. Fraud occurs when an affiliate intentionally provides bogus leads to earn commission.

Affiliate companies have become very savvy when it comes to catching fraud. For example, if a company notices that multiple leads are coming from the same IP address they can flag that account as possibly participating in fraud. An investigation will usually follow.

This fraud is a crime and those who are caught are prosecuted.






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