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Affiliate Managers

Most affiliate companies assign each affiliate to an affiliate manager. Becoming aquatinted with your affiliate manager is highly recommended. You will want to establish contact with this person and introduce yourself at a very minimum. This will increases your credibility as a publisher and helps him/her to see you as a professional. Now you have laid the groundwork for the future.

I call and brainstorm with some of my affiliate managers and ask for advice from time to time. You would be surprised how many valuable tips you can get. Much of what I have learned about affiliate marketing has been through discussions with affiliate managers I have established professional relationships with over the years. It's a two way street.  My affiliate managers often ask for my opinion on new ideas and features they are thinking about implementing.

Affiliate programs vary widely when it comes to the quality of the program and the reliability of the company. Another bonus of having an established relationship with an affiliate manager is trust. For example, if a merchant complains about the quality of leads are you providing or tries to claim your leads are fraudulent when you know they are not, if you have established yourself as a credible and professional affiliate your affiliate manager is more likely to trust you when you tell him/her that you are providing legitimate traffic to an offer. You are also more likely to get paid for those disputed leads.

Getting A Raise!

Want a raise? You can make it happen through your own hard work. The best affiliates see this as a perk because you don’t have to depend on anyone but yourself.

However, what many affiliates don't know is that you can ask for a raise from affiliate companies you work with by simply emailing or calling the affiliate manager you are assigned to. 

When you ask if he/she is able to offer a higher payout on a specific promotion sometimes the answer will be no, but in my experience they almost always give you an increase in payout, sometimes small but sometimes as much as 30%!

Pick your battles.  You will only want to ask for a higher payout on promotions that you plan to deliver the most traffic to. The better you get to know your affiliate manager, the easier it will be to bring up the topic. 






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