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Deciding on a Marketing Concept (Continued)
Email Marketing

Email Marketing is very profitable for affiliates. If you want to pursue using email marketing, spend some time becoming familiar with the CANSPAM Act. Even if you follow all the rules and do everything on the up an up, be prepared for complaints.

Email carriers are quick to delete your account if they receive complaints and affiliate companies sometimes will not pay affiliates if they receive SPAM complaints. Although it can be very lucrative, it is also very risky even if you do everything right.

Many email marketers use special software designed to create and manage email campaigns.  For example, Constant Contact is an email list management tool that allows you to create and send eye-catching emails in minutes. You can use it for free the first two months to see if you like it.


Ezine Marketing is an excellent method for promoting affiliate offers. With Ezines you are offering an online magazine that is emailed periodically to the subscribers. Ezines are typically sent out once or twice a month. The user benefits by receiving quality information about an area of interest. Meanwhile you have a captive audience for your offers. For example, if you have an Ezine about parenting, you could have a small article about buying baby clothes on a budget and provide links to merchants that offer discount baby clothes.


Newsletter Marketing is similar to Ezine marketing. However, with newsletter marketing the format is typically more brief and can be sent out every day or every week. The principal is similar to an Ezine. You provide news that is of interest to your constituents and intermingle a few relevant links to your merchants.

Email Subject Line Tips

Your subject line should focus on what's in it for the reader so it grabs their attention enough to open the email. You'll find that the best way to do that is to include some sort of benefit. For example, if you're writing an email about a reduced cost for a product, instead of saying "Product X" say "Project X -- costs reduced by XX%").

  • If there isn't a genuine benefit to use, try to make it interesting and intriguing anyway.
  • Avoid the words most hated by spam filters like "free," "subscribe," etc.
  • If this is your first contact with a customer based on their request through your website or otherwise, keep the information on the SUBJECT line short.
  • The subject line should indicate clearly what the topic of the e-mail is about. Never be misleading in this regard!
  • Typos, all caps or all small case can give the impression you are a spammer.






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