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Cost Per Click (CPC)

Cost-per-click campaigns are ads that pay you on a per click basis. You are paid for every unique click that is sent from your site/newsletter to the advertisers site. Click campaigns are commonly referenced to as CPC campaigns.

Special software and technology are used for tracking and reporting purposes. Most CPC programs are based on the idea that you will get your website visitors to click on a link, and by doing so, the merchant will receive quality traffic.

Affiliate Company CPC

With regard to cost per click affiliate programs, you select the ads that will display on your site. Focus on your site’s content and try to match the offers that your visitors will find most interesting. This will increase the click through rate for you and your merchants will likely see a high conversion which will encourage companies to continue to use this type of marketing.

Most affiliate companies do not offer CPC campaigns because click fraud is hard to detect. For example, a website owner could click the ads themselves and have friends click the ads to boost revenue. FastClick, a division of ValueClick, is one of the few reputable affiliate companies that still offers CPC campaigns.

Search Engine CPC

Some of the top cost per click programs are offered by search engines. Google offers a program called Adsense. Google Adsense provides the code that you put on your webpage. Their software automatically determines what ads to place on your site based on the content of each page. Depending on what the advertiser is paying Google for each click, you will get a percentage of that amount. Advertisers on search engines have to bid on keywords, which can vary from time to time. Therefore, the amount you earn per click will depend on what ad your visitor clicks and how much that person or company agreed to pay.

The Yahoo search engines offers a similar CPC program through Yahoo's Publisher Network. Generally speaking, it doesn’t perform as well. The primary complaint most users have in regard to Yahoo’s CPC program is that the ads that are placed on websites is sometimes not as relevant to the page’s content as they would like. If the ads are not relevant to your content, the click through rate will be lower. Therefore, you will not make as much revenue.






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