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Cost Per Lead

Cost per lead campaigns pay you for each action that an end user completes on the advertiser’s site. Each advertiser defines this action differently.

An example of a lead would be a user filling out a form to receive free sample of a new product.

With cost-per-lead ads, you are paid for every unique person you send from your site/newsletter to the advertiser’s site if that person completes a specific action at the advertiser’s site.

Lead campaigns as well as sale campaigns are commonly referenced to as CPA (cost per acquisition).

The difference between is lead and a sale is a lead is a potential customer and a sale is a customer.

Top Cost Per Lead Companies

Over the years I joined a number of affiliate companies that offer CPA campaigns. However, there are a handful of companies that I have grown to trust.

The following companies offer good customer service and prompt payouts. If you are interested in lead campaigns, I recommend checking out:






Recommended Websites

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