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CPA or cost-per-action is a set rate or percentage of sale is paid for specific actions taken by an end-user such as a purchase or completing a lead form. On reports this column usually shows the total number of actions for that offer.


EPC stands for average earnings per click. For example, if you send 100 visitors to a merchant's site and you generate $30 in commission, the EPC would be 30 cents. You are generating an average of 30 cents in revenue for every person you send to that merchant's website.

The EPC is sometimes shown for each creative, which demonstrates which creatives (ads) are performing the best.

For affiliates, an advertiser's EPC shows how well that advertiser converts traffic you send to them into actual sales or leads.

For advertisers, by comparing your EPC to the EPC of other affiliates, they are able to determine if you are sending quality and relevant traffic to them.

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Conversion Rate

The conversion rate is the percentage of visitors you refer to a merchant that results in a commission being earned.

For example, if you send 100 visitors to a merchant and 5 of them purchase an item that would equal a 5% conversion rate.

A conversion is determined by the advertiser and may be a sale on the advertiser's Web site, a completed lead form, or another action.






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