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Real Time Tracking

Real time tracking refers to campaigns that use tracking mechanisms to track commission earned in real time. You can see results up to the minute for clicks, and usually up to the 'day' for commissions. Depending on what software and technology are used for tracking and reporting purposes, commissions are often updated on reports within 10 minutes.

Delayed Tracking

Delayed tracking, sometimes called import tracking, occurs when the sales/leads are update as the company gets the statistics from their advertisers/clients. These stats are usually delayed by a day but sometimes as much as a week or a month, depending on the schedule of data supplied to by the advertiser. Most affiliate companies will disclose to affiliates what campaigns use delayed tracking.


Different affiliate companies use different technology to track revenue. Although some tracking software is very accurate, discrepancies can occur. A discrepancy is when a merchant reports more sales/leads to the affiliate company than the affiliate company has accurately tracked to individual affiliates.

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How Are Discrepancies Handled?

When discrepancies occur some affiliate companies keep the money but honest affiliate companies try to ascertain which publishers should get that revenue. Depending on the software used by the company, this can be a time consuming process.

They start by looking at who ran the offer on the days the discrepancies occurred. Based on the average conversion rate each affiliate usually maintains for that offer they can usually pinpoint who should get what.

If you have reason to believe that some of your sales/leads were not tracked during a specific time frame, contact your affiliate manager and ask him/her to check into for you.






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