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Affiliate Agreements

When you apply to be an affiliate you will be provided with an affiliate agreement. This agreement will have important information about the company so you will want to take a few minutes to review the terms. 

Some of the questions you might want to find answers to include:

Will you be charged a set up fee?

Legitimate companies never charge to join or set up an affiliate account.

Are stats reported in real time?

Most affiliate companies report stats in real time, meaning within minutes. You might want to avoid affiliate companies that only update stats daily, weekly or monthly since it makes it difficult to track how well an offer if performing.

How are affiliate payment issued?

Most affiliate companies pay by check. Some affiliate companies are now offering direct deposit and/or payments through Paypal.


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 How often are checks issued?

This can vary a great deal from company to company. Many affiliate companies pay on a net 30 basis but more are moving to a net 15 basis in order to keep up with the competition.

Net 30 means the payment is sent out 30 days after the period ends. If payments are issued once a month on a net 30 basis, the revenue you earn for January will be mailed on March 2nd.

However, if the company pays out twice a month on a net 15 basis the revenue you earn from Jan 1st to Jan 15th will be mailed on Feb. 1st. That is a 30 day difference in how long it will take to get your paycheck.






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