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Cost Per Sale

Cost per sale campaigns pay you for each purchase that an end user completes on the advertiser’s site. Your commission could be a flat dollar amount per sale, a percentage of the sale generated or a combination of both. Those terms should be clearly outlined in the description of the campaign.

An example of a sale would be a user purchasing a magazine subscription or buying a pair of shoes. You are paid for every sale from a user that originates from your email or site. These campaigns along with lead campaigns are commonly referenced to as CPA (cost per acquisition).

Cost Per Sale Affiliate Companies

By far, the top affiliate company for sale campaigns is Commission Junction, a division of ValueClick.

Other well respected cost per sale companies include Linkshare, Share-a-Sale and Performics.

Affiliate Confession
Most companies I have worked with treat affiliates fair but there are a few bad apples out there. 
When it comes to cost per sale, know your merchant. The only way to do that is to ask other affiliates who have dealt with them in the past.
I go to one of the popular affiliate discussion boards like ABestWeb to chat with other affiliates before I do anything on a large scale with a merchant I haven't promoted before.
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