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Keyword Research
Researching keywords is a big part of being a successful affiliate. For example, if you want to advertise for "cheap cookies" you can type in those keywords and get information on how many times that keyword phrase is searched for on the major search engines. You also get suggestions on closely related search terms. 
I like to use a variety of these tools. One very impressive tool is the SEOBook. The reason I like this one in particular is it cross references Yahoo, Google, WordTracker and several other sources to give you a huge amount of information.
Some of my other favorites are Digital Point and the Google keyword tools.  
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Don't Pick "Single Word" Keywords!

If you optimize your website or ad campaign for a keyword phrase consisting of 2-3 words, you increase your chances that your site will be found. Instead of targeting "jewelry", narrow it down more to "antique jewelry" or "wedding jewelry".

True, the keyword popularity will be less but the phrase will be more focused and your traffic will be more relevant.






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