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Content is King

Most affiliate companies look closely at your website to see if it has the potential to provide quality visitors. They want to maintain a clean network that merchants will be proud to have their ads shown on.

Many networks have policies against sites that promote illegal activities, gambling, pornography and other questionable content that is not consistent with the image in which their advertisers want to be associated.

Another red flag for affiliate companies are sites that are created with the sole purpose of pushing affiliate offers. To be appealing to merchants and affiliate companies, your site needs to offer some content that is useful or valuable to the user.

Avoid submitting a one page website to be approved to an affiliate network. Your site doesn't have to be a large website but should have several pages at a very minimum.

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Content Example

If you want to have a website about internet service providers include a side-by-side comparison of features the providers offer or have user forums where visitors can share their opinions about internet service providers.

Other popular techniques are to evaluate the service of the companies and/or let visitors rate companies on a scale of 1 to 5. You can also provide blogs, news, message boards and other tools that will add zest.  






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