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What Is An Affiliate Company?

Although you can sign up with some merchants directly to promote their services and/or products, over the past few years the trend has been toward using affiliate or marketing companies to manage affiliate programs instead of doing them in-house. Therefore, since a majority of companies only use affiliate companies, most affiliates use affiliate companies.

The affiliate company’s role is to provide the technology to accurately track affiliate activity and make recommendations on how to improve the performance of the merchants offers.

The affiliate company already has hundreds, if not thousands, of affiliates registered and ready to run with any new promotions that come along. Merchants also benefit from the expertise of experienced marketing professionals that you typically have access to when you choose a reputable affiliate company.

Why Use An Affiliate Company?
For the affiliate, the affiliate company provides a user friendly interface to view and select creatives for campaigns from multiple merchants.
Perhaps the most crucial for you, as an affiliate, is the technology that will accurately track commission earned.






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