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CNN Center - Atlanta Radio Stations
CNN Center
Atlanta Skyline - Atlanta Radio Stations
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Centennial Olympic Park - Atlanta Radio Stations
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Atlanta FM Radio Stations

88.5 FM, WRAS Diversified rock Georgia State University
89.3 FM, WRFG Jazz, blues, Afro-pop, bluegrass, folk, Latin, Indian
90.1 FM, WABE NPR news/classical
91.1 FM, WREK Diversified Georgia Tech
91.5 FM, WWEV Christian
91.9 FM, WCLK Jazz/soul Clark Atlanta University
92.1 FM, WJGA Contemporary/oldies
92.9 FM, WZGC Adult-oriented rock
93.3 FM, WVFJ Contemporary Christian
94.1 FM, WSTR Top 40
94.9 FM, WLTM Light rock
95.5 FM, WBTS Top 40
96.1 FM, WKLS Rock
97.1 FM, WFOX Classic Hits
97.5 FM, WPZE Gospel
98.5 FM, WSB Light rock
99.7 FM, WNNX New rock
100.1 FM, WNSY Oldies
100.5 FM, WWWQ Top 40
101.5 FM, WKHX Country
102.3 FM, WLKQ La Raza - Spanish
102.5 FM, WAMJ-FM R&B
102.9 FM, WMJE Oldies
103.3 FM, WVEE Urban Top 40
104.1 FM, WALR Urban adult/oldies
104.7 FM, WFSH Contemporary Christian
105.3 FM, WBZY Alternative rock
105.7 FM, WWVA-FM Spanish contemporary
106.1 FM, WNGC Country
106.7 FM, WYAY Traditional country
107.1 FM, WTSH Country
107.5 FM, WJZZ Contemporary jazz
107.9 FM, WHTA Urban Top 40

Atlanta AM Radio Stations

550 AM, WDUN News/talk
590 AM, WDWD Radio Disney
610 AM, WPLO Spanish
640 AM, WGST News/talk
680 AM, WCNN Sports/talk
750 AM, WSB News/talk
790 AM, WQXI Sports/talk
860 AM, WAEC Christian
920 AM, WGKA News/talk
970 AM, WNIV Christian talk
1010 AM, WGUN Variety
1040 AM, WPBS Spanish religious
1080 AM, WFTD Regional Mexican music
1100 AM, WWWE Spanish religious
1160 AM, WMLB Eclectic
1190 AM, WAFS Spanish contemproary
1230 AM, WFOM
1260 AM, WTJH Gospel
1310 AM, WPBC Korean
1340 AM, WALR ESPN Spanish
1380 AM, WAOK News/talk
1400 AM, WNIV Christian talk
1410 AM, WKKP Contemporary/oldies
1420 AM, WATB Spanish
1430 AM, WGFS Oldies
1440 AM, WGMI Southern Gospel
1460 AM, WXEM Spanish
1480 AM, WYZE Gospel
1500 AM, WDPC Gospel
1520 AM, WDCY Gospel
1550 AM, WAZX Hispanic
1570 AM, WSSA Christian
1600 AM, WAOS Spanish
1690 AM, WWAA Air America Radio

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