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Stealing Commissions

You have worked really hard to build an exciting website. You took the time to add your affiliate links. You have properly used keywords and relevant information about the products. Your site is even listed in the top 10 search results for targeted keywords. When you look at your stats you see a regular flow of traffic coming into your website. Of course, you start to get really excited!

You log in to your affiliate companies website to check your revenue and you have very few commissions and your click-through ratio is extremely low. You start to wonder what the heck happened here? You might be the victim of affiliate link hijacking!

Unfortunately, as affiliates we are concerned about revenue being stolen from us by spammers, spyware, viruses, and hackers. It’s commonly referred to as hijacking a link and the result is someone else stealing commission that is rightfully yours.

Link hijacking occurs when someone replaces your affiliate ID with his or hers. As a result, they get the commission instead of you. You did all that work to get the traffic but someone else is getting paid for your commission.

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How can you prevent link hijacking?

It is believed that the most common method being used to steal commission involves various software programs. Many of these programs download onto a person's computer. In a nutshell, these programs are designed to override your affiliate links and replace them with someone else’s.

Many times, people download software that secretly includes this type of programming. The innocent surfer may not even realize they have a program running in the background when they are on the internet.

Not only does this activity steal your commission, it makes the users PC run much slower than it normally would. It is up to each computer user to protect their computer. Stay informed about these programs by visiting ParasiteWare.






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