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Altering Creatives

Altering a creative is one of the most common mistakes affiliates make. If a merchant you promote visits your site and sees that you are not using an approved creative you could lose your revenue. Often, merchants will refuse to pay for leads when the creatives have been altered.

Just last month, I was talking to one of my affiliate managers and she shared with me that they have an affiliate who lost $20,000 in revenue because he used a creative that was not approved by the merchant and, therefore, the merchant refused to pay for the leads he generated. Ouch!

Many companies are very picky about their ads and graphics. They have spent thousands of dollars on developing brand recognition and logos. They don't want anything modified without their consent.

In addition, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, banks and financial institutions have to operate under strict laws with regard to their advertisements. By altering their creatives you could put them at risk for legal trouble.

Never alter creatives without getting it approved by either the affiliate company or the merchant.

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If you plan to promote offers, be sure to familiarize yourself with the SPAM laws that have been passed. If you do not abide by these laws and someone complains to the merchant it is highly likely that you will not be paid for your leads or sales.

Unfortunately, even honest affiliates who follow all the rules get complaints that their email was SPAM. Many affiliates have stopped using emails for this reason.






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