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Deciding on a Marketing Concept

Content Sites

Content sites are websites that provide useful information to visitors. Included in articles or information will be links to quality merchants. Many affiliates have multiple content sites.

Find something that no one else is doing or that very few have already done. You also want to find something that has demand by online users. Even then, your site should not be entirely dedicated to selling products or generating leads for products. The first and foremost goal is to provide your user with quality content. Without quality content, users will not stay on your site long enough to click the merchant or client links. Without quality content you also will not have repeat visitors.

Online Stores

If you want to fail as an affiliate, create an online store. There are zillions of them and the market is too crowded. It would be almost impossible to become established in today’s online market. However, if you can develop a unique twist with valuable products then you might be on to a winner.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing has become a popular method for promoting offers. With search engine marketing you specify how much you are willing to pay per click for specific traffic. For example, if you were promoting car insurance you might bid 45 cents per click for the search term "compare car insurance".

When you market using search engines you use a link to your site in the advertisement, not directly to the merchant. The page on your site that the advertisement links to can presell using approved creatives from the merchant.

Another method is to use a redirect on your webpage so when the visitors gets to the webpage you specified on your site they are automatically redirected to the merchant’s site. When you want to promote a merchant using search engine marketing never link directly to the merchants site. Always use redirects.

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4 Things Your Text Must Accomplish!

1) Grab your visitor's attention with an exciting powerful headline.

2) Draw the reader's interest by creating a strong connection between their problem or desire and your solution.

3) Increase their DESIRE by making a believable and emotionally compelling case why they need a product or service.

4) Motivate the reader to take action and fulfill their wants by purchasing your product or service today.

Search Engine Ad Tips

Write a headline that will draw attention to your product or service.

Create headlines that IMMEDIATELY let people know what you are promoting. 

Keep it simple! Don't confuse the reader with several different offers in one ad.

Target the right audience with your keywords and use keywords in the ad whenever possible.






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